MSN Webcam Recorder

MSN Webcam Recorder is a tool that allows you to record video streamed to and from your computer by MSN Messenger's Webcam Feature.
It doesn't do screen capture like other softwares, that are innacurate, skip some frames, and lose in quality. It sees the Webcam video the same way MSN does, and reproduces it with a more accurate time correction.
You can also watch a live video in another window, the size you want it to be, so you're not stuck with MSN's conversation window and its small size!

19/03/11 website moved!
It seems is down.
I don't know why and I dont care much,
so I just moved it here to this domain I have.
(this does not mean there will be any more development being done)

27/11/07 version 1.2rc7 released
- Allow user to bypass checksums on IP packets
Get it!
19/11/07 version 1.2rc6 released
- Properly detect offline VC files
- Automatically search for WMV codec
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14/11/07 version 1.2rc5 released
- Added option to toggle Start on Windows boot
- Fixed installer (the download link for WinPcap was bad)
- Moved code away from MSVC++ and into MinGW
- Some more stuff I forgot now
Please test. Get it!
14/11/07 Source code moved to an SVN server
The source code for MSN Webcam Recorder has been moved to an SVN server to ease development.
Get it at

11/08/07 Dropped support for MSN Webcam Recorder - part 2
Anyone interested in helping out maitaining MSN Webcam Recorder send me a private message on the forum, and I'll add you to the developers forum.

02/07/07 Dropped support for MSN Webcam Recorder
I no longer support MSN Webcam Recorder, for lack of time and interest.
I haven't used a webcam in MSN for a really really long time. Actually, I don't even use MSN anymore, and I hadn't even migrated to WLM.
If anyone wants to maintain it, just drop me a note.

07/04/07 Alternative means to decode video
A long time ago I modified FFmpeg to be able to export the videos recorded with MSN Webcam Recorder.
I have very little free time to do this, so can anyone do any of the following? This will be of great help:
1. Make a (user-friendly) guide on using the modified FFmpeg binaries I released at .
2. Make a guide (also user-friendly) that shows how to use the above binaries with WinFF.
3. Make new builds with up-to-date FFmpeg source code.

26/10/06 Reverse-engineering MSN Messenger's Video Conversation Formats (1st revision)
I was waiting on a bunch of stuff to release this document, but I've been waiting for too long.
So I'll release this (probably) innacurate revision, and release another one whenever I get the information I need.
It includes how to decode audio from Video Conversations.
Please, I need samples to correct some stuff on the document. Anything to check the audio with the video is fine.
Get it here!
16/10/06 I need Video Conversation samples...
I'm almost done updating the Video Conversation article that explains how audio works.
But I need samples to test the sync between Audio and Video.
Can anyone supply high quality samples in which it is clear if everything is sync'ed?
Send them here!
08/10/06 Why have donations been suspended?
I updated the donations page with a little explanation...
Read it!
02/10/06 No feedback for the FFmpeg demuxers...
I haven't gotten any feedback yet... I see some people are downloading, but has anyone gotten it to work correctly? Feedback, anyone...? Either at the forum or at my e-mail.

14/09/06 The FFmpeg demuxers export Video + Audio from Video Conversation files
Hmmm... I forgot to mention. The demuxers I uploaded two days ago export Video + Audio from Video Conversation files.

12/09/06 FFmpeg demuxers
Finally, I finished making FFmpeg demuxers for the files recorded with MSN Webcam Recorder. On that new program, FFmpeg will be used for this task.
Get the FFmpeg builds with the msn demuxers at
22/07/06 New program
There will most likely never be a version 1.2.
Instead there will be a completely new program, with TCP/IP stack reassembly, using ffmpeg to play/export videos, and a QT GUI, supporting many more media streams.
So, now is the time for feature requests.
Discuss them, and even bring back some old ones, that could have been good, but I never took my time to implement, and are now far away in the forum.
Also, there will definitely be a name change. Look at this thread.
Command line attempts should be released in the beggining of next month...
22/07/06 ml20dll-1.0rc3-errorcheck
It tries to figure out if a frame isn't too buggy before decoding it. Makes the program crash less.
Overwrite ml20dll.dll with it.
Get it!
01/07/06 Brazil looses to France 1x0!
Well, we're out of the worldcup...

27/06/06 Brazil beats Ghana 3x0!

22/06/06 Brazil beats Japan 4x1!

18/06/06 Brazil beats Australia 2x0!

13/06/06 Audio for Video Conversations (2nd attempt)!
Busy day...
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13/06/06 Brazil beats Croatia 1x0!

13/06/06 Audio for Video Conversations!
I've managed to decode audio for Video Conversations. I need people to test this tool I made and tell me the output.
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16/04/06 version 1.2rc4 released
Well, 1.2rc3 was short lived...
Fixed Video Conversation recording (or at least I tried to, it's up to you testers to tell me if it really worked).
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14/04/06 version 1.2rc3 released
Turkish translation by Ahmet Kanat.
Support for aMSN thanks to Micha� Arnauts.
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30/03/06 Video Conversation documentation released
21/03/06 version 1.2rc2 released
Much improved support for loaded networks and computers that are always on.
Promiscuous mode is NOT default anymore, altough it can be selected. Helps for some wireless adapters.
ml20dll fix for using msn's internal codec.
Get it!
19/03/06 version 1.2rc1 released
Testers needed! Support for Video Conversation added!!!
Get it!
19/03/06 unfinished memory plugin version epsilon-0.2 source code is released
13/03/06 version 1.1 is unstable
Version 1.1 is not recommended, since it loads the system and crashes on loaded networks.
Wait for version 1.2. In the meantine, get version 1.0.2.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

04/03/06 version 1.1 released
Albanian translation by Krenar Pllana
Pixelated video problem fixed by:
- IP fragmentation support
- More support for loaded networks
- Multi-threading added
30/01/06 version 1.0.2 released
German translation by anonymous
Fixed (some) codec exporting problem
Fixed UDP stream (last frame was never seen)
Remove systray icon when program is shown
Added "Export" menu item in Play Window
20/01/06 First Memory plugin test version released for testers only
13/01/06 Testers needed for new plugin
03/01/06 version 1.0.1 released
Dutch translation by Piet Eckhart
Installer now works on x64 systems
15/12/05 version 1.0 released
15/12/05 new page layout
with help from Sipo
11/11/05 Windows x64 Wincap
Only for people with Windows x64
04/11/05 patch 0.4.4 released
now also exports files recorded with Mercury Messenger
22/10/05 patch 0.4.3 released
many bugfixes, no changes to the interface
17/09/05 version 0.7.1 released

Note: It's illegal and immoral to record without the other party's knowledge.