MSN Webcam Recorder Mercury Messenger Patch

Mercury Messenger is a very nice Instant Messenger that supports MSN webcam and video conversation. MSN Webcam Recorder also captures the webcam streams sent and received with this messenger, but there is no use for that, since the Mercury Messenger automatically saves its streams to a given folder. It also supports exporting to .mov format.

Go to the Mercury Messenger Website!

MSN Webcam Recorder version 1.0 supports files created with Mercury Messenger.
Mercury Messenger also supports opening files recorded with MSN Webcam Recorder, altough that requires a little modification in the files. It will only work with .ml20 files (not .udp).
I'll add a tool to automatically do this later, but for now, if anyone wants to, you need to open the .ml20 file in your favorite hex editor, and add "connected\r\n\r\n" right in the beggining of the file, before any data. (\r\n are hex codes 0x0d and 0x0a). Then you're all set to open them with Mercury Messenger.

Note: It's illegal and immoral to record without the other party's knowledge.